Classic Fastback Skeletons and early Bronco tubs available from Thoroughbred

Bronco tubs being sold through Dennis Carpenter industries. Pre-order now for January delivery. Fastback skeletons are the largest and most crucial component to a quality restoration or a successful build ever offered to the public.

The Skeleton

    Thoroughbred, the Canfield, Ohio-based replacement parts specialist, announces the release of an exclusive product: the 1965/1966 Fastback skeleton. Years in the making and the only one available on the market, it comes from Nate Miller, renowned Mustang restorer. These skeletons, available as a full restoration component skeleton or a Clipster, are identical to the originals in order to ensure the fit and quality of the parts. This is one of the largest restoration components available.

The Clipster

    Through a partnership with a local company, the skeletons can come with all welding completed and roof, doors, trunk panels installed. From there, everything is bolt-on, and thanks to the industry-leading fit and finish, hassle-free for a home enthusiast or a restoration shop.

    Both are made-to-order and can come with panels attached by Wild Horse Specialties to meet individual needs. All are finished in red-primer, just like the originals.

    Pictures: Click HERE for Gallery

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